Russia rejects proposal to return to UN grain agreement.


In a recent development, the proposal from UN Secretary-General regarding the Black Sea Grain Initiative has brought attention to the issue. According to the proposal, there will be no return to the Black Sea Grain Agreement unless the interests of Moscow are respected.

Guterres’ letter and Moscow’s response

The letter from UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres outlines an action plan with the promise that, at some point, the Russian involvement in the agreement can be implemented. Dmitry Peskov, the spokesperson for the Kremlin, mentioned today that it is unfortunate that Russia cannot return to the agreement due to unfulfilled terms related to Moscow, which have never been implemented in practice.

Guterres’ call for Ukraine’s grain exports

On July 24th, Secretary-General Guterres called on Russia to allow Ukraine to safely export grains from its ports after Moscow withdrew from the Black Sea Grain Initiative. In a letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin on July 11th, Guterres proposed limiting the number of ships that can enter and leave Ukrainian ports, in exchange for connecting a branch of Russian bank Rosselkhozbank to the international payment system SWIFT.

Putin’s stance on the agreement

Spokesperson Dmitry Peskov stated that President Putin has made it clear that Russia is ready to rejoin the agreement if the terms related to Moscow are implemented.

Impact of the cancellation of the Black Sea Grain Initiative

With the cancellation of the Black Sea Grain Initiative, the parties who will be most affected are likely to face significant consequences. Secretary-General Guterres expressed his concerns about the situation at a UN food conference in Rome, Italy, on July 24th.

Russia’s plan for grain supply

President Putin announced on the same day that Russia is prepared to replace Ukraine in grain exports and provide assistance to poorer countries. He emphasized that Russia will make every effort to ensure a steady supply of grains, food, fertilizers, and other goods to Africa.

Future discussions on grain supply

Russia plans to discuss grain supply with African countries at the upcoming Russia-Africa Summit taking place on July 27th – 28th in St. Petersburg.


In conclusion, the proposal from the UN Secretary-General regarding the Black Sea Grain Initiative has raised important concerns about the interests of Moscow. While Guterres’ letter outlined an action plan, the unfulfilled terms related to Moscow make it impossible for Russia to return to the agreement at this time. The impact of the cancellation of the initiative raises concerns, particularly for vulnerable parties involved. However, President Putin’s commitment to replacing Ukraine in grain exports and aiding poorer nations highlights Russia’s determination to address the situation. The upcoming Russia-Africa Summit will provide an opportunity to further discuss grain supply and find possible solutions.

Như Tâm (Theo Reuters)

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