Ukrainian Authorities Capture Woman Accused of Espionage for Russia

Tình báo Ukraine bắt một phụ nữ bị cáo buộc thu thập thông tin về Tổng thống Zelensky và các cơ sở quân sự nước này để chuyển cho Nga


Ukrainian intelligence agency, SBU, has made an arrest in a case involving a woman who allegedly collected information about President Zelensky and military establishments in Ukraine, with the intention of passing it on to Russia. This incident has raised concerns about espionage activities and bilateral tensions between Ukraine and Russia.

The Arrest and Identity of the Accused Spy

The SBU has refrained from disclosing the name of the espionage suspect. However, they have released a photograph depicting two Ukrainian soldiers standing next to a woman with dark hair dressed in black and white attire. Identity protection measures have been taken in the photograph, where all faces involved have been blurred. This is a standard practice in intelligence-related cases to ensure the safety and privacy of parties involved.

Details of the Accused Spy’s Activities

According to the SBU, the suspect was apprehended in the port city of Mykolaiv, located in the southern part of Ukraine. The arrest was made on the grounds of the suspect collecting intelligence pertaining to President Zelensky’s visit to Mykolaiv. The Ukrainian leader previously visited this city on July 27th. The suspect’s alleged involvement in gathering information about the President’s movements is considered a breach of national security an act of espionage.

Attempted Transfer of Information to Russia

In addition to gathering intelligence on President Zelensky’s activities, the SBU also accuses the accused spy of attempting to transmit sensitive information to Russia. Specifically, the suspect is alleged to have been involved in an effort to provide Russia with information about the location of Ukraine’s electronic warfare systems and ammunition depots near the port town of Ochakiv, which is situated approximately 48 km away from Mykolaiv.

SBU’s Statement on the Arrest

The SBU, in a statement, emphasized their vigilance and effectiveness in uncovering espionage activities conducted against Ukraine. They declared that their members had caught the suspect in the act of attempting to transfer intelligence to an unspecified foreign entity, which they believe to be Russia. The arrest demonstrates Ukraine’s commitment to safeguarding its national security and protecting the integrity of its governmental institutions.

Background of the Accused Spy

According to information provided by the SBU, the suspect hails from Ochakiv, the same region where the targeted military facilities are located. Prior to her arrest, the accused spy had allegedly been employed at a local military store that supplies goods to Ukrainian soldiers operating in the area. The suspect’s previous work experience adds an unsettling dimension to the case, as it alludes to potential insider access to sensitive military information.

A court has approved the arrest of the accused spy, signifying the serious nature of the charges brought against her. In the event of a conviction, the woman may face up to 12 years of imprisonment. Espionage cases carry severe penalties to deter individuals from engaging in activities that compromise national security and disrupt diplomatic relations.

Reaction and Response from Russia

At the time of writing, Russia has not made any official comments regarding the arrest or the allegations made by the SBU. The absence of a response from the Russian authorities raises questions about how they may handle an incident that could impact the ongoing relations between the two countries.


The arrest of a woman accused of espionage activities targeting President Zelensky and military installations in Ukraine highlights the ongoing security challenges faced by the nation. The case signifies the significance placed on protecting national interests and the determination of Ukrainian intelligence agencies to counteract potential threats. It will be crucial to closely monitor the legal proceedings and the reaction of Russia in order to understand the wider implications of this incident.


Vũ Hoàng (Theo Reuters)

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