US Intelligence Accuses China of Supplying Technology to the Russian Military


The US intelligence has made allegations that China is aiding Russia in evading Western sanctions and providing military technology to Moscow for use in Ukraine, according to a report released by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) on July 27th.

China’s Assistance to Russia in Ukraine

The report reveals that China is offering dual-use technology, capable of serving both military and civilian purposes, to the Russian military in their ongoing operations in Ukraine. These actions are taking place despite the imposition of numerous international sanctions and export controls.

Customs records cited in the report highlight instances where Chinese state-owned defense companies have transported positioning equipment, disruptive technologies, and fighter jet components to Russian government-owned defense entities.

The report further emphasizes that China’s significance as a partner for Russia has grown since Moscow initiated its campaign in Ukraine last year. It states that by March, China had dispatched unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and other components amounting to a value of over $12 million to Russia.

Increase in China-Russia Economic Cooperation

According to the ODNI report, China and Russia are increasingly relying on the use of the renminbi (China’s currency) in their bilateral trade. Additionally, their financial institutions are expanding the utilization of domestic payment systems.

Furthermore, China has augmented its imports of energy resources from Russia, which includes oil and gas previously destined for Europe but rerouted to China.

Semiconductor Exports and Potential Sanctions Evasion

The report highlights a noteworthy increase in the export of semiconductors from China to Russia since 2021. It points out that despite strict export controls and sanctions imposed by Western powers, semiconductors produced in the US or labeled as US-made, worth hundreds of millions of dollars, have still made their way into Russia.

The report suggests that Chinese companies may be aiding Russia in evading these sanctions. However, due to limited reporting, the intelligence community hasn’t been able to discern the extent of China’s assistance or whether Beijing is deliberately interfering with US export controls. The report calls for more comprehensive investigations, including interviews and inquiries in China, to assess this matter accurately.

Concerns and Previous Statements

This report aligns with earlier concerns expressed by US officials regarding the transfer of dual-use equipment from China to Russia. However, substantiated evidence of transferring lethal weapons specifically intended for Russia’s operational deployment remains elusive.

The allegations made by the report are further supported by Emmanuel Bonne, a top diplomatic adviser to the French President, who recently acknowledged that China has been providing Russia with items potentially deployable as military equipment, albeit on a limited scale.

China has consistently denied allegations of supplying military equipment to Russia since the eruption of the conflict in Ukraine in February 2022.

Huyền Lê (The information in this article is based on reports sourced from Reuters and CNN.)

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