United States Accuses Russia of Weaponizing Food Supplies

US Criticizes Russia’s Weaponization of Food amidst Black Sea Grain Initiative Withdrawal

In a significant development, the United States has strongly condemned Russia for its weaponization of food following its withdrawal from the Black Sea Grain Initiative. The US has called on all parties involved to swiftly restore the agreement to ensure the availability of essential food supplies to areas in critical need.

US Secretary of State’s Concerns

Expressing deep concern, US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, emphasized that Russia’s recent action will severely impede the delivery of vital food resources to areas facing urgent needs. Urging the prompt reestablishment of the agreement, Blinken deemed Russia’s decision as a disturbing step towards using food as a tool in the ongoing conflict with Ukraine. He further stressed the immediate need for other nations to closely monitor Moscow’s actions in this regard.

The Black Sea Grain Initiative

Initially mediated by the United Nations and Turkey in July 2022, the Black Sea Grain Initiative aimed to facilitate Ukraine’s continued export of essential grains, including corn and wheat, through sea routes. This initiative played a crucial role in addressing the global food crisis arising from conflicts and ensuring the availability of agricultural produce to regions in need. The original agreement had a duration of 120 days and had been extended multiple times before reaching the withdrawal date on July 17.

Russia’s Controversial Move

On July 17, Russia made the controversial decision to terminate its participation in the Black Sea Grain Initiative, citing the alleged non-implementation of terms that directly concerned Moscow. However, Russia expressed its willingness to reconsider its position and reengage with the initiative only if it sees tangible outcomes rather than mere promises.

US National Security Council’s Reaction

In response to Russia’s actions, John Kirby, the spokesperson for the US National Security Council, strongly condemned the move. Kirby highlighted that Russia’s withdrawal would effectively result in the sealing off of ports in Ukraine, with severe repercussions filtering throughout the global population. He held Russia solely responsible for the consequences arising from this hostile act.

Impact on Grain Prices

Almost immediately after the announcement of Russia’s withdrawal, grain prices experienced a sharp increase. The United States and its partners say they are exploring alternative routes to mitigate the loss of Ukrainian grain exports through the Black Sea. However, experts acknowledge that it will be challenging to fully compensate for the significant quantities of grain that were previously transported via Ukrainian ports.

Ukraine’s Response and Next Steps

President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine responded swiftly to Russia’s withdrawal by proposing the continuation of the Black Sea Grain Initiative without Russia’s involvement. Zelensky sent a formal proposal to both the UN Secretary-General and President of Turkey, reaffirming Ukraine’s commitment to collaborate with intermediaries on determining the subsequent course of action.


The United States has publicly criticized Russia’s decision to weaponize food through its withdrawal from the Black Sea Grain Initiative. This move raises concerns about global food security and amplifies the urgency for all stakeholders to effectively reinstate the agreement. Efforts will continue to find alternative solutions to alleviate the impact of the loss of Ukrainian grain exports.

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