Struggles of Western Armored Vehicles against Russian Defense Lines in Ukraine


The focus of this article is to shed light on the challenges encountered by Ukrainian armored vehicles during their counteroffensive campaign against Russian forces in Ukraine. This campaign was initially expected to receive substantial support from Western tanks and armored vehicles. However, the reality on the ground has demonstrated otherwise.

Challenges Faced by Ukrainian Armored Vehicles

Commander’s Acknowledgment

Ukrainian Commander Oleksandr Tarnavskyi, responsible for overseeing the counteroffensive campaign in the southern region of Ukraine, openly admits that the Russian defense lines have presented significant difficulties for the military equipment provided by Western allies. Both tanks and armored vehicles have faced considerable challenges in this offensive.

Obstacles along the Front

The Ukrainian forces find themselves grappling with multi-layered minefields and well-established defensive lines set up by Russian troops. The formidable professionalism showcased by the Russian military has hindered the Ukrainian forces’ ability to launch swift offensives. Consequently, a majority of the tasks have been assigned to infantry soldiers due to the effectiveness of the Russian defense systems.

Limited Evidence of Shifting Balance

Reports of Progress

Recent reports from the United States indicate that Ukraine has begun to accelerate its counteroffensive campaign against Russian forces. The War Research Institute, based in Washington, suggests that Ukrainian forces have managed to penetrate some of Russia’s fortified defensive positions, but the evidence for the effectiveness of Western-supported tanks and armored vehicles in tilting the balance in favor of Ukraine remains limited.

Damages to Western Tanks and Armored Vehicles

In the initial days of the counteroffensive, several Leopard tanks and Bradley armored vehicles supplied by the US suffered damages or were completely destroyed near the city of Orikhiv in the Zaporizhzhia province of eastern Ukraine. The 47th Brigade, which received extensive training and equipment from Western allies to breach Russian defense lines, encountered resistance from multiple layers of landmines and subsequently became vulnerable targets for enemy artillery.

Đại đội thiết giáp Ukraine bị xóa sổ trong hai phút

Evidence of Western Armored Vehicles Destroyed

Russia has publicized numerous images that depict Western tanks and armored vehicles being successfully destroyed on the battlefield. These visual pieces of evidence substantiate the effectiveness of Russian defense systems against the Western military equipment supplied to Ukraine.

Repairing Damages and Challenges Ahead

Ukrainian Combat Repair Shop

A recent visit by a team of BBC journalists to a Ukrainian combat repair shop revealed the extensive efforts being made to restore dozens of damaged armored vehicles, predominantly Bradley models supplied by the US. However, these vehicles now bear the scars of battle, with broken chains and warped wheels that bear witness to encounters with Russian mines.

Efforts to Restore Mobility

The Ukrainian technicians and engineers at the repair shop strive to expedite the repair process in order to return the vehicles to the battlefield as quickly as possible. However, they acknowledge that some vehicles cannot be repaired without the necessary spare parts, leading to the possibility of sending those vehicles back to the Western partners for repair.

Effectiveness of Western Armored Vehicles

While the Western armored vehicles provide better protection for Ukrainian soldiers, they still face the challenging task of maneuvering through Russia’s extensive minefields. The scattered remains of Mastiff armored vehicles, supplied by London, serve as a stark reminder of the difficulties encountered in navigating these hazardous terrains in southern Ukraine.

The Use of Older Soviet-Era Tanks

To combat the issue of minefields, the 47th Brigade has resorted to employing older Soviet-era tanks, primarily for mine-clearing purposes. However, even with specialized mine-clearing equipment, the Ukrainian forces remain vulnerable to explosive devices hidden underground due to the complexity and density of the minefields.

The Threat from Mines

The increased prevalence of mines has become a persistent and painful issue for Ukrainian soldiers. Doc, a UAV operator from the Ukrainian Volunteer Corps, shares his experiences of participating in successful counteroffensives in the past. However, he notes that this time the challenge is exponentially greater, with more casualties caused by mines rather than direct artillery fire.

The Pervasive Nature of Minefields

Doc provides a glimpse into the extensive minefields encountered by Ukrainian forces during their advances. He shares a video recorded by his UAV, showing Ukrainian soldiers advancing towards a Russian trench. As they enter, a large explosion occurs, indicating a mine detonation. Doc reveals that Russian forces have been utilizing remotely controlled mines, adding a new layer of danger and complexity to the battlefield.

Strategic Importance of the Southern Front

The southern front in Ukraine is of paramount strategic importance. It is not only crucial for dividing Russian forces but also for gaining access to cities like Melitopol and Mariupol, serving as potential gateways to Crimea. However, this offensive necessitates Ukrainian forces attacking Russia’s most fortified defensive lines, resulting in immense challenges and risks.


Commander’s Determination

General Tarnavskyi remains resolute, affirming that his forces are engaged in the most difficult and arduous tasks. He acknowledges that any defensive line can be breached but emphasizes the need for patience, strategic actions, and skilled maneuvers. He firmly believes that regardless of the pace, the ongoing counteroffensive will eventually achieve its objectives.

The Complex Reality for Ukrainian Armored Vehicles

The article shines a light on the complexities and challenges faced by Ukrainian armored vehicles in their counteroffensive campaign. The limitations of Western-supported tanks and armored vehicles in penetrating Russian minefields, coupled with the effectiveness of Russian defense systems, showcase the difficulties encountered by Ukrainian forces. Despite these challenges, the determination to push forward persists as Ukraine navigates the strategic importance of its southern front.

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