Russian Major General Killed while Attempting to Lift the Siege for Shock Troop Unit


This article provides detailed information about the tragic incident involving Major General Yevgeny Vashunin and the Leningrad Battalion in Ukraine. The article covers his heroic efforts to rescue the besieged Shtorm shock troops, the circumstances surrounding his severe injuries and untimely death, and the official announcement made by Alexander Belsky, the Chairman of the St. Petersburg Legislative Council. Additionally, it addresses the background of the Leningrad Battalion and the lack of information released by the Russian Ministry of Defense regarding military casualties in Ukraine.

Rescue Mission Led by Major General Yevgeny Vashunin

The Leningrad Battalion, a highly skilled military unit stationed in the St. Petersburg region in northwest Russia, faced a critical situation in Ukraine. The shock troops under the name Shtorm were under siege by Ukrainian forces. Major General Yevgeny Vashunin, as the commander of the battalion, took it upon himself to lead a daring rescue mission.

Separation and Severe Injuries

Tragically, during the rescue operation on July 14th, Major General Yevgeny Vashunin became separated from his team. In the ensuing battle, he sustained severe injuries that incapacitated him. Despite being cut off from the main unit, Vashunin demonstrated tremendous determination and tenacity.

Self-Aid and Heroic Battle

In a remarkable display of resilience, Major General Vashunin managed to administer first aid to himself despite his grave condition. Undeterred by his injuries, he continued to fight valiantly until his last breath. His unwavering commitment to the mission and the soldiers he led is exemplary.

The Tragic Passing of a Hero

The Chairman of the St. Petersburg Legislative Council, Alexander Belsky, made the somber announcement on July 24th regarding the passing of Major General Yevgeny Vashunin. Describing him as a dedicated patriot and a paragon of exemplary citizenship, Belsky stated that Vashunin had succumbed to his injuries sustained in the battle in Ukraine.

The Leningrad Battalion and its Role

The Leningrad Battalion comprises a group of highly skilled soldiers summoned from the St. Petersburg region and the surrounding areas in northwest Russia. This specialized unit was deployed to Ukraine to participate in military operations.

A Skilled and Dedicated Leader

Major General Yevgeny Vashunin, as the commander of the Leningrad Battalion, was known for his exceptional military prowess and strong leadership skills. He was widely regarded as a talented tactician and a role model for his subordinates.

Recognition and Honor

Majory General Yevgeny Vashunin’s immense bravery and sacrifice did not go unnoticed. In recognition of his selfless actions, he was posthumously awarded the prestigious title of Hero of Russia. This honor highlights his extraordinary contributions and serves as a testament to his commitment to the defense of his country.

Official Statements and Ministry of Defense Reacts

Following the announcement of Major General Vashunin’s passing, the Russian Ministry of Defense has refrained from making any public comments regarding the incident. It is noteworthy that the ministry rarely discloses detailed information about military commanders who have lost their lives while engaged in combat in Ukraine.


The loss of Major General Yevgeny Vashunin is a significant blow to the Leningrad Battalion and the Russian military. His courage, dedication, and ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty will be remembered as a testament to the relentless pursuit of service by the armed forces. As the nation mourns the loss of a true hero, it serves as a reminder of the harsh realities of conflict and the immense sacrifices made by those who protect and defend their country.

Written by Vũ Anh (Theo TASS)

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