Program for Children Ages 6 and Up: The Big Waves

This program, consisting of ten levels, caters to children aged six and above, as well as those who have successfully completed Little Wave 7 in the Little Waves Program. It aims to provide an entertaining yet demanding experience that facilitates the development of the five primary swimming techniques and life-saving kicks, which ensure safety in and around water. Through participation in this program, your children will acquire proficiency in the following skills:

– The forward crawl

– The backward crawl

– The fundamental backstroke

– The breaststroke

– The eggbeater kick

This program also incorporates activities designed to enhance fitness and endurance, alongside self-rescue techniques, ensuring a holistic approach to swimming education.

Class Duration: 30 minutes

Class Ratio: 4:1

This initial level is specifically tailored to children aged six and above. The primary objective of Big Wave 1 is to bolster the students’ water confidence. They will be encouraged to explore the underwater environment, as well as learn to float and glide independently on both their stomach and back.

Big Wave 2 represents a crucial stage in which children acquire proficiency in all the components necessary for the execution of the forward crawl. The curriculum introduces a series of new skills that encompass not only powerful kicking but also synchronized arm movements, coordinated breathing, and transitioning from a face-down position to a face-up position.

Big Wave 3 concentrates on perfecting the basic techniques of the forward crawl and backward crawl. Additionally, students will practice entering deeper waters, sustaining themselves on the surface for a duration of 20 seconds through treading water, and mastering the ability to return to a safe location unaided.

The primary objective of Big Wave 4 is to refine the execution of the forward crawl. Students will utilize the skills they have honed to strengthen their stroke. Furthermore, they will devote time to enhancing their endurance in both the forward and backward crawl. Completion of Little Wave 7 will qualify children to advance to the Big Wave levels.

At this level, swimmers will learn to perform the forward crawl with continuous arm movements, coordinated rhythmic breathing, and an accelerated kicking tempo. Moreover, children will focus on developing their self-rescue capabilities by practicing treading water for a period of two minutes.

In Big Wave 6, participants will fine-tune their forward and backward crawl techniques, alongside the introduction of a third stroke known as the elementary backstroke. Furthermore, this level will present endurance challenges by increasing the swim distance to 100 meters!

In the seventh installment of Big Wave, we embark upon the realm of advanced strokes. Here, students will delve into the art of bilateral breathing in the front crawl, all while mastering the elegant eggbeater kick during a full-length lap across the pool. As a testament to their burgeoning endurance, they shall conquer the daunting 200-meter distance!

In this crucial stage, your progeny shall hone their coordination and timing to a fine point. Advanced techniques for both the front and back crawl shall be unveiled to them, alongside an introduction to the graceful breaststroke and the enigmatic foot-first surface dives.

When your child reaches the esteemed level of Big Wave 9, all their strokes shall reach the pinnacle of perfection. The panorama shall witness the debut of headfirst surface dives, as they continue to construct their indomitable endurance, culminating in a formidable 400-meter swim. Moreover, they shall delve into the mysterious depths, navigating underwater for a staggering duration of 3 meters.

Upon the triumphant conclusion of the epic journey known as Big Wave 10, your beloved child shall stand poised on the precipice of Lifeguarddom, having attained mastery over each stroke. In their quest for aquatic supremacy, they shall surmount the arduous challenge of continuously swimming an unfathomable 500 meters. And on this momentous final day, ensure your camera is at the ready, for a special celebration awaits, honoring the moment when students triumphantly conquer this pinnacle!

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