Medvedev announces over 230,000 new military recruits in Russia

Phó chủ tịch Hội đồng An ninh Quốc gia Nga Medvedev announces significant increase in military recruitment

In a recent announcement, Phó chủ tịch Hội đồng An ninh Quốc gia Nga (Deputy Chairman of the National Security Council of Russia) Dmitry Medvedev revealed that the country’s military has recruited over 230,000 soldiers since the beginning of this year.

Rapid expansion of Russian forces

The recruitment figures provided by Medvedev highlight the rapid expansion of the Russian military. According to the Ministry of Defense, an impressive 231,000 individuals have joined the armed forces through contractual agreements during the period from January 1 to August 3. These recruits have chosen to serve their country by signing contracts with the military.

This substantial increase in recruitment is part of a proactive strategy adopted by Russia to bolster its military capabilities and effectively respond to various challenges, including the perceived threat from Ukraine and the need to maintain control over territories previously acquired through conflicts.

Under the leadership of President Vladimir Putin, Russia has been actively reinforcing its armed forces. It is worth noting that in September of last year, Putin issued a directive to mobilize over 300,000 reservists. However, this year, instead of relying solely on reserve forces, Russia has embarked on an extensive recruitment campaign to attract young individuals to serve through contractual agreements, offering attractive financial incentives.

Long-term commitment to military service

Medvedev, who previously served as the President of Russia from 2008 to 2012, also emphasized the sustained commitment of these recruits to military service. While the exact duration of their training before deployment to frontline units was not specified, it is expected that the new soldiers will undergo comprehensive training to prepare them for their responsibilities.

Additionally, Medvedev assured the recruits that their previous employment positions would be kept secure during their military service. This includes providing financial stability by freezing any outstanding debts they may have with banks.

Ensuring the noble profession of military service

Medvedev reaffirmed Russia’s commitment to elevating the status of military service and transforming it into the most honorable profession. To achieve this goal, significant decisions pertaining to the economy, society, technology, and organization have been made in recent months. These measures illustrate Russia’s endeavor to enhance the social welfare of military personnel and their families, including substantial increases in social welfare benefits.

Russia’s ongoing recruitment campaign during the conflict in Ukraine

Russia’s extensive recruitment efforts come at a critical juncture as tensions between Ukraine and Russia remain high. The ongoing conflict has prompted Russia to intensify its military capacity and expand its forces further.

Aimed at countering Ukraine’s offensive and securing territorial control

Russia’s recruitment drive is primarily aimed at countering Ukraine’s offensive actions and consolidating its territorial control. The conflict has witnessed Russia’s territorial gains in the region. The recruitment surge is viewed as a strategic response to protect and solidify these gains.

While government officials have not publicly disclosed the exact recruitment targets, estimates suggest that Russia may be seeking to recruit an additional 400,000 soldiers to bolster its presence in Ukraine and reinforce its military capacity.

Rapid expansion of the Russian military

Highlighting the long-term vision for military growth, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu revealed plans to increase the size of the Russian military to 1.5 million personnel in December 2022. This target exceeds the previous goal set by President Putin of 1.15 million personnel established in August of the same year.

The significant growth trajectory of the Russian military signals its commitment to ensuring a robust and formidable defense force capable of protecting national interests and maintaining strategic dominance in the region.


The recent announcement by Phó chủ tịch Hội đồng An ninh Quốc gia Nga Medvedev regarding the substantial increase in military recruitment underscores Russia’s proactive approach to strengthening its armed forces. The rapid expansion of the military, accompanied by efforts to provide secure employment and financial stability for recruits, highlights Russia’s commitment to elevating the profession of military service.

Furthermore, as tensions persist between Ukraine and Russia, the ongoing recruitment campaign allows Russia to address security concerns, counter offensive actions, and consolidate territorial control. The substantial growth in the size of the Russian military demonstrates Russia’s determination to protect its national interests and maintain a robust defense force in the region.

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