Children’s Jewelry and Accessory Sets

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Discover Jewellery & Accessory Kitswith a 31% discount

Create Your Own Shimmering Diamond Necklaces – 3L

From Thames & Kosmos

Design and embellish your own vibrant gemstones with glitter! After they have dried, you can wear the pendants yourself or present them as gifts. You have the ability to make up to nine glitter diamonds that measure one inch each. Explore captivating information about real diamonds and enhance your knowledge.


By Disney Princess

Show your admiration for Disney Princesses with stunning and customizable DIY charm bracelets! Let the vibrant colors and unique styles of each character either inspire you or ignite your imagination to create something entirely original. These bracelets are adorned with dazzling Swarovski crystals.

Enhance your craft day by creating numerous intricate Heishi bracelets, necklaces, and more! These charming and colorful bracelets, featuring distinctive Heishi beads, are ideal for friendship bracelets or as fun fashion accessories. This DIY jewelry-making set includes a whopping 3356 pieces!

Explore the art of jewelry-making with the STMT D.I.Y. Custom Jewelry Case! Combine vibrant threads and cords with trendy embellishments to design fashion-forward accessories. Spell out your name in a beaded bracelet or showcase a handmade piece that exudes your personal style.

Make a statement and personalize your accessories with the STMT Basically Beaded Jewelry set! This kit provides you with thousands of premium beads, real seashells, plenty of knotting and elastic cords, fully illustrated instructions, and a convenient bead storage case. Creating your own custom accessories has never been easier!

Indulge in the magical world of Frozen 2 with the Elements Jewelry Set by Make it Real! This set offers everything you need to design your own jewelry, including a wide variety of elements inspired by the film. Let your creativity shine with this enchanting collection from Disney.

Experience your passion for Frozen II with magnificent, customizable charm bracelets that you can create yourself! Allow the movie’s vibrant colors and distinctive style to inspire you, or let your imagination run wild and design something truly unique. This extraordinary package includes everything you need: charms, chain, faux suede cord, beads, elastic cord, and a book. Explore the wonders of Ultimate Jewels & Gems through this

Ultimate Jewels & Gems

Disney Princess selection.

Indulge in your love for Disney with these astonishing and customizable charm bracelets. Let the vibrant colors and unique styles of each character fuel your creative fire, or create something completely original. Embrace the enchantment of becoming a royal Disney Princess! With this package, you can form your own majestic atmosphere, using the


Make it Real treasure trove.

Discover endless possibilities with the 5 IN 1 ACTIVITY TOWER: a comprehensive storage solution that offers five superb jewelry activities! Keep your creations organized and easily accessible with the tower’s rotating feature, five removable storage trays, and a bracelet holder for displaying your art when not in use. Embrace the convenience and magnificence that this tower from

STMT DIY Leather Charms and Tassel Jewelry Kit

STMT provides.

Enhance your Boho chic look and express your individuality with one-of-a-kind jewelry crafted by you using the STMT D.I.Y. Leather, Charms Tassel Jewelry kit. With this exceptional set, you can design ten exquisite pieces, adorned with vibrant and natural finishes, perfect for layering, wearing, and showcasing. Get started on your creative journey by utilizing the

Slider Charm Jewelry

STMT kit.

Costing $34.99, the STMT D.I.Y. Slider Charm Jewelry kit offers a unique opportunity to personalize premium jewelry pieces with names, favorite quotes, and phrases. By combining vibrant color cords, charming shapes, and slider letters, each bracelet can be transformed into a stylish and individual accessory. Explore the fascinating possibilities of this kit by clicking here: Blingle Bands 5 Band Starter Pod. Discover more about Moose Toys, the brand behind this innovative product, by visiting their website.

Priced at $19.99, the Blingle Bands 5 Band Starter Pod includes an extensive range of elements for bracelet making. With five Blingle Bands, twenty strings, seven heart beads, ten silicone rings, six Blingle Gem Sachets, a silicone rubber, a Blingle Pen and Threader, a bracelet-making pod, six resealable gem storage bags, a template sheet, and a whole lot more, this kit provides all the materials necessary for a creative jewelry-making experience. Dive into the world of Smarts & Crafts Rainbow Jewelry Studio by clicking here. To learn more about the brand Smarts & Crafts, feel free to explore their website.

For $49.99, the Smarts and Crafts’ Rainbow Jewelry Studio unleashes your creativity with a stunning collection of 500 multicolor beads. This assortment offers a limitless array of possibilities for creating statement pieces. With a diverse selection of shapes, sizes, and colors, this kit contains everything you need to make exquisite keychains and eye-catching necklaces. Take a moment to find this item in a store near you. If you encounter any difficulties, we have a few tips for more effective store searching: ensure your information is accurate, try searching for a nearby city if your postal code is beyond 25 kilometers from a store, and if there are no matches in your city, consider searching in the next closest major city. Lastly, we recommend calling the store in advance to verify the availability of the item, as prices may vary in-store. Enjoy a world of creativity with the Smarts and Crafts’ Rainbow Jewelry Studio – a true treasure trove of artistic possibilities!

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